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How to make an old kitchen look modern?

How to make an old kitchen look modern?

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We are always so inspired by dream kitchens with all the finer things that make it special. But not all of us actually cook in our dream kitchen, instead we deal with our kitchen’s quirks and inconveniences on a daily basis.

Nevertheless your kitchen can still be a place that you love and cherish, a place you enjoy instead merely tolerate. Here are small DIY changes which will go long way and make you feel organized in your kitchen.   

Just the way you decorate your living room or a bed room around the bed. Plan your kitchen around the cooking area. For a home that relies on plenty of storage, hang extra floating shelves to hold cookbooks and containers. When choosing a colour for your cabinets, opt for white. It creates a clean and open space. When storing supplies on the counters, place them on platters and cake stands to create a contained, cleaner look.

  • Store your baking ingredients, other dry goods and frequently use products in white porcelain jars, which are classic, timeless and easily visible.
  • Dishes don’t need to be reserved just for eating. You can display decorative plates on the walls to show off your art.
  • Floating shelves serve fashion and function. Display a dish that color coordinates with the rest of the kitchen to tie everything together.
  • Use paint board to allow for creative doodling and original artwork by your kids that can continuously evolve.
  • Liven up your kitchen by decorating with your favorite plants! It's a simple addition to bring in vibrant color.
  • Combine various framed art pieces and décor to create a gallery wall on an otherwise blank canvas.
  • Add an interior window to your small kitchen space so you can enjoy the company of those in the next room while you cook.


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