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Tips for Finding a Roommate

4 Tips for Finding a Roommate

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4 Tips for Finding a Roommate


Apartment life is a convenient and wonderful thing that can be made tricky when you need to share it with a roommate. Whether you’re moving into a big new city like Las Vegas or San Diego, it can be intimidating to move alone and you might be inclined to seek out a roommate. Roommates help with the burden of rent and they can even prove to be great friends in a city where you may feel alone. While roommates are nice, it can be hard to find the right one. Fortunately for you, we have some easy tips to help you find a quality roommate in your new town.


  1. Take your time 


The last thing that you want to do is move in with someone out of desperation because you didn’t give yourself enough time to find the right fit. Roommates will be with you for at least the length of a lease, so it’s important that you remain patient and take your time when finding one. If you’re anticipating a move where you’re going to need a roommate, start looking as soon as you can. The more time you can give yourself to search for and field out potential roommates, the better. 


  1. Never Move In With Anyone Before Meeting


This tip may seem obvious, but it’s imperative that if at all possible, never move into a space with someone without first meeting them. If you’re moving across the country or even to a different state where it might not be convenient or even possible to meet someone in person, at the very least you can schedule a call or video chat with someone prior to deciding you want to move in with them.


Moving can be intimidating, but moving in with a stranger can be even scarier. It’s important that both of you share similar interests and have schedules that complement each other. As we mentioned, if meeting in person isn’t an option, make sure to schedule a time to speak, whether that’s over the phone or a video call. 


When meeting a potential roommate for the first time, it’s also important that you have some critical questions prepared to feel out whether they’re going to be a good match. You need to know their budget, what they do for a living, how well they got along with their previous roommates and why that was, whether or not they’ve even had a roommate, what interests them and when/where they’re expecting to move, just to name a few. Finding a roommate is very much like dating except the timeline from stranger to roommate is a little shorter than date to partner. 


  1. Use A Roommate Finder Site


The older you get the harder it is to meet new people, let alone people you want to move in with. Thankfully, there are several websites that make finding a roommate online easy, safe and convenient. Many sites are primarily free-to-use, however, they typically offer paid memberships that allow you to access certain features which may help with your search. We recommend using a roommate search site as it generally makes the search process more convenient and accessible.


  1. Ask Your Friends First


Friends are an excellent resource for finding roommates! Typically, your friends already share similar interests to you and it can only be expected that their friends and acquaintances do the same. If you let your friends know that you’re looking for a roommate, they may already have someone in mind who might fit your bill and if not, you’ve at least made them aware of your needs. 




Finding roommates can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be hard! No matter where you move, there will always be someone in a similar situation to you. It’s important that when deciding to move in with someone you take your time in finding the perfect fit for you. Ideally, this is someone who you’ll be spending a lot of time with, and most importantly, who you’ll be sharing lots of financial responsibility with. So take your time and make sure that you’re moving in with the perfect fit for you. 


Always be sure to ask around with the people that you know first to see if they need a roommate, or if they know someone else who might! Your friends are one of the best resources available for finding roommates that have similar interests to you, so never be afraid to ask! If your friends don’t have the answers you’re looking for then always feel free to look to online, but never move in with someone before first meeting them.


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