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One bedroom apartments

One bedroom apartments over studio apartments!

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It's everyone's dream to have a comfortable place to live. With a fast growing population, traditional homes are either going down on the construction order or are presented as part of gated societies that are often quite expensive to acquire.

For many people, whether they are looking for purchasing or for renting, apartment complexes are most feasible.  Looking through the apartment listings can be a pretty confusing experience. Knowing the layout of each type of apartment and what features each type contains will greatly improve your chances of finding the perfect apartment rental for your needs and lifestyle.

Difference between studio and one bedroom apartment:

  • A studio apartment is a house with everything in the single room space. The main difference between one bedroom apartment and a studio apartment is that the one bedroom apartment features separate spaces for the bedroom area, living room area and the kitchen area where as studio doesn’t!
  • Studios generally constructed within the main city limits with access to any and all amenities and are cozy enough for nuclear families and bachelors alike.
  • A studio apartment doesn’t have amenities, though in some locales it is costlier than a single apartment.
  • The main difference is the lack of a living room or a shared seating area. The apartments consist of just a large single room with one small open kitchen and a bathroom with it.
  • A great choice for students, a bachelor is a small one-room apartment with a separate bathroom. A studio apartment is more convenient for the budgeted people as the smaller space reduces air conditioning, and electricity costs. It’s also easier to clean, require lesser furniture.
  • Families and groups can opt for one bed room apartment so that everybody can be comfortably accommodated.
  • There is always more privacy, freedom and less intrusion in one bedroom apartment from housekeeping staff.

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