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Why youngsters prefer renting?

Why Has Renting Become So Popular Among The Younger Generation?

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The word home does not mean only a place to live, in fact it is a place of tranquility and long term stability which you own. Millennials are fast entering into renting their apartment as their prime investment because of rapid change their expectations and priorities are radically different from those of older generations.

There are many factors because of which millennials prefer renting to buying:

Fits in their budget:

Renting is more affordable than buying but affordability isn’t just a factor for deciding between renting and buying; it’s also one of the top priorities for many millennials when searching for a new apartment.

No insurance or property tax:

Home ownership consist a lot of extra expenses such as insurance protects property from damage that's caused by fire or vandalism. Paying property taxes every year is another incurred cost which is not in the case of renting.


Rented apartment or buildings features free amenities and the homeowners does not have to pay extra significant cost for it. These charges are included in the rent. These ranges from visible perks like electric car charging ports, gyms, and movie screening rooms, to the subtle, such as concierge service and cell phone reception in all areas of the building.

Love for Community:

There is a love for community among millennials such as downtown apartment allows for close proximity to enjoy culture and nightlife without having to move to the suburbs.

Lower Ownership Expenses:

Renting saves you money in other ways. In case of house ownership the cost occurred is more like they have lawns that you to maintain. In case of a rented apartment, you don’t have to worry about ownership expenses.

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