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5 Affordable House Plants to Brighten up Your Apartment

5 Affordable House Plants to Brighten up Your Apartment

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5 Affordable House Plants to Brighten up Your Apartment


Introducing plants to a home is an excellent way to breathe new life into the space. Plants not only help to improve the beauty of your home, but studies have shown that plants also help boost our moods, reduce stress and clean indoor air (among other things), but how do you know which plants are right for you? With so many houseplants to choose from, it can be difficult to pick the perfect flower for your home. In this article, we here at Pacifica Residential will be looking at five different affordable and easy-to-care-for plants that will be an excellent addition to your living space!


1. Snake Plant (toxic to cats and dogs)


The first plant on our list is the Snake Plant, or Dracaena Trifasciata. Snake Plants are notoriously easy to care for and they’re relatively cheap to pick up from either your local nursery or department store. These plants are powerful air filters, serving to remove carbon dioxide and release oxygen throughout the day. According to a study conducted by the Global Journal of Health Science, Snake Plants may indirectly aid in the defense against airborne allergens because of their incredible effectiveness at cleaning the air. 


While Snake Plants are wonderful air cleansers, it should be noted that they are also toxic to both cats and dogs. If you have either of these furry friends, it’s recommended that you keep these plants out of their reach. That said, it is still possible to introduce these plants into your home and keep your pets safe, so long as you take the proper precautions.

Snake Plant

2. Pothos (toxic to cats and dogs)


Next on our list is the Pothos houseplant or Epipremnum aureum. If you’re someone who desperately craves to have plant life in your home, but doesn’t have the energy or know-how to properly care for one, the Pothos is perfect for you. Hardy and resilient plants, the Pothos are able to thrive in both low and high-light settings. Not only this, but they only require watering roughly once a week. If you’re a little forgetful, the Pothos will forgive you, as they can survive roughly two to three weeks without watering (Phillip, 2022). 


Similar to the Snake Plant (and most all plants), the Pothos is also an excellent air purifier. Not only that, but simply having one around may be an excellent mood booster. Science has continually shown that humans have a deep connection to nature and by surrounding yourself with the plant world you may likely experience mood boosts! One study, in particular, showed that participants experienced a calming sensation just by touching the leaves of the Pothos plant (Koga, Iwasaki, 2013).

Pothos Plant

3. Money Tree (not toxic to cats and dogs)


Money Trees or Pachira Aquatica, are lovely houseplants that are said to bring both good luck and wealth. With beautiful trunks, these tall houseplants reach for the stars as they clean your air and improve the overall aesthetic of your home. This is the first houseplant on our list that is pet friendly and it’ll make an excellent addition to any house featuring furry residents. Money Trees are also easy to care for. While they do require a bit more attention than our Pothos or Snake Plants, with some basic plant nursing and attention, your Money Tree will thrive! 


4. Boston Fern (not toxic to cats or dogs)


Rounding out our list at number four is the Boston Fern or Nephrolepis Exaltata, another beautiful, non-toxic and affordable plant to add to your home. Boston Ferns are charming little low-maintenance plants that can either be hung or sat on a surface, making them very versatile additions. Similar to the Pothos, Boston Ferns are also very hardy and easy to maintain. They require frequent watering to keep their soil wet, and roughly four hours of direct sunlight. So long as you keep them watered, they’re likely to last you a very long time. Boston Ferns are also very affordable, with most running you less than $15 depending on where you shop.


5. Donkey Tail Succulent (not toxic to cats or dogs)


Our final affordable houseplant on our list is the Donkey Tail or Sedum Morganaium. This succulent is gorgeous and very low-maintenance. In general, succulents are easy to care for and can withstand neglect if you’re a little inexperienced or forgetful. The Donkey Tail is no exception. Adding a succulent to your home is a great way to introduce some texture to the place, generally improving the overall aesthetic appearance of your home. Donkey Tails are perfect for succulent lovers who want an easy plant to maintain that will also liven up the place without breaking the bank.

Donkey Tail Succulent



Houseplants come in all shapes and sizes, toxicity and no-toxicity, and they can make for terrific avenues for brightening up your living space. They add a number of benefits that generally serve to improve your quality of life and they’re perfect for apartments. When living in a Pacifica Residential property, be sure to liven up your home with any one of these amazing houseplants listed above. 


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Thank you for reading and may your green thumbs shine! 

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