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How To Unwind at Home - 4 Great Tips

How To Unwind at Home – 4 Great Tips

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How To Unwind at Home

Finding time for yourself can be very difficult in this busy world. With work, family, and all of the responsibilities that come with life, it’s often easy to find ourselves neglecting what matters most… ourselves! It’s incredibly important that amid the hustle and bustle, we take time to sit back for a bit and just be. In this article, we’re here to give you some tips for finding time to unwind and relax at home. If you have any tips of your own, leave them for us in the comments below!


Pick up a Hobby


Picking up a hobby is a great way to separate yourself from your typical daily routine and add a bit of change to your life. Having a hobby can also give you something to look forward to when you come home from a busy day or busy week. Taking time for yourself to enjoy an activity that’s separate from work or any other commitments can help to increase not only your happiness but overall satisfaction with life (Scott, 2018). 


Working toward a goal and achieving it, whether that be by finishing up a knitted scarf, or conquering a tough boss in a video game can be very rewarding. Research has shown that “dopamine signals get stronger as a goal becomes closer” to being achieved (Phyllips, 2016)! Selecting and dedicating yourself to a hobby is a light commitment that you’re in total control of, and as you make progress with your hobby, you’ll likely see an increase in happiness over time.


Start Dancing


This one might seem a little silly, and it certainly is, but dancing is an excellent way to unwind at home after a busy day. Whether you’re sitting, standing, or lying in bed, you can get down! Dancing has been shown to reduce stress, improve happiness and even combat depression (Avila 2022). Better yet, dancing can be done entirely alone. If you live by yourself or would like to separate from those around you, you’re in luck as you don’t need a partner to dance. Simply put on some good music and tune out the world as you boogie-down at home.


Enjoy Your Homes Amenities


If you’re currently living in a Pacifica Residential property, then you’ve likely got a wealth of amenities available to you in your community. Whether it be a resort-style pool, a fitness center or gym, or even a set of walking paths (just to name a few), there’s always something to be enjoyed within your Pacifica Residential community. Pacifica Residential takes pride in offering beautiful facilities that are well maintained with excellent amenities available to all residents. Taking the time to step outside and visit some of the free amenities that you have available to you in your community is an excellent way to unwind without having to go too far, or spend any money.




Journaling is a great practice to help not only unwind but also sharpen your mental acuity. For many of us, journaling can help reduce stress and make processing the day much easier. According to a study conducted by The Permanente Journal, they found that healthcare workers expressed feeling reduced stress after journaling (Perm J, 2020). Journaling is incredibly simple, affordable, and doesn’t require you to leave your home or involve yourself with anyone else. By taking the time to write and document your day and your experiences, you might find the practice to be very relaxing. 




There are several different tactics that you can employ to unwind after a busy day or busy week. Whether you decide to take on a new hobby, pick up dancing, begin journaling, or take a spin with some of your communities amenities, finding time to unwind at home is achievable. The best thing to consider when finding time to unwind at home is to think about what you want and need at that given moment. Listen to yourself, try some of these tips, and do your best to care for yourself. 

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